Magrino Industrial Park Groundbreaking The border park is a brand-new 250-acre development situated to the east of the City of San Luis. The project will be constructed to provide manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution facilities to companies.
San Luis II San Luis II is a state of the art facility designed to handle commercial traffic and with 80 plus acres it has plenty of room for expansion in the future.
San Luis I GYPA is continuing to support San Luis I being funded for construction funds by the Federal Government as the final piece of the process that we started in the early 2000's.
San Luis II The land that runs North of San Luis II is mainly designated for light industrial development so the area is ready to provide businesses the opportunity to prosper in a friendly environment and be able to reach many markets within a day's drive by truck.





Greater Yuma Port Authority

Buna George, Executive Director,


Greater Nogales and Santa Cruz County Port Authority

Jaime Chamberlain, Chairman,


Douglas International Port Authority

Carlos Fernandez, Chairman,





TUCSON, Ariz. – The leadership of the Greater Yuma Port Authority (GYPA), the Greater Nogales and Santa Cruz County Port Authority (GNSCCPA), and the Douglas International Port Authority (DIPA) held a joint meeting on Monday, September 18, 2023 to define common priorities and better coordinate on cross-border issues that impact economic development and quality-of-life in the Arizona-Sonora Megaregion. 


At the conclusion of the meeting, the leadership of the three organizations signed a joint resolution marking the first step in working together to advocate for several common issues, including port of entry infrastructure, operations, and staffing; transportation infrastructure investments; enhanced binational coordination, and joint advocacy efforts with state and federal governments.  A copy of the joint resolution can be found here.


“The San Luis-Yuma region has seen tremendous growth in its population and the trade that flows through our community.  With this comes the need to establish a comprehensive plan to support our binational population, which includes the port of entry projects.  It is exciting to have this conversation with our fellow border authorities as we all have knowledge and experience to share with others to better respond to the challenges of the border together,” stated Chairman Matias Rosales of the Greater Yuma Port Authority.


“The port authorities represent the stakeholders who live and breathe the border every day.  We are the first to experience the effects of policy and procedural changes.  Coming together in this collaboration makes our voice that much louder and effective with decision-makers in Washington, D.C. and in Mexico City.  I am excited about the impact that this coordinated effort will have for all our communities,” said Chairman Jaime Chamberlain of the Greater Nogales and Santa Cruz County Port Authority.


“The $400 million in federal investment in our ports of entry, along with the investments in related infrastructure led by the City of Douglas and Cochise County represent years of work and new growth opportunities for this part of Arizona.  As we continue to be a gateway for cross-border trade and tourism for the state and country, it is important that we have a unified voice to ensure that our community’s needs are being met,” said Chairman Carlos Fernandez of the Douglas International Port Authority.


About GYPA: The Greater Yuma Port Authority will develop a gateway for global trade and facilitate promote and support multi-modal transportation and trade opportunities to enhance economic development in the Greater Yuma area.  For more information, please visit


About GNSCCPA: The Greater Nogales Santa Cruz County Port Authority is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promoting the development of the port of entry system at Nogales and to fostering the economic development and the quality of life for the residents of the region. For more information, please visit


About DIPA: The Douglas International Port Authority is committed to improving the border crossing experience for goods and people at Douglas/Agua Prieta, including the ports of entry and the connectivity to the federal highway system for the sustainable growth of the binational region.