Shortly after GYPA's creation, the Board of Directors  contracted James Chessum as Administrator on July 16, 2001. The Administrator conducted all related business to with the Board of Directors to see San Luis II open in November 2010. The focus of the Board of Directors and the Administrator will be to assist the City of San Luis in the completion of San Luis I and to create development opportunities surrounding San Luis II and any other infrastructure requirements as identified by the Board of Directors. Mr. Chessum served and fulfilled the GYPA's mission to establish a gateway for global trade in playing a crucial role that implemented the San Luis Commercial Port of Entry. He retired from GYPA in 2011.

The GYPA Board of Directors then contracted Linda Matthias as Administrator on July 1, 2012. Ms. Matthias has 27 years combined public service experience and 4 years public offering experience in real estate development. She served as support staff in the early years of the San Luis II Port of Entry through the current appointment as administrator. She retired in December 2019 after many years of assistance in growing and maintaining the GYPA's mission.

In November 2018, GYPA's Board of Directors contracted Buna George to serve as the  Authorities Executive Director. Born in Yuma, AZ, Buna has grown up on both sides of the US and Mexico border. She was taught English and Spanish simultaneously and border culture was engrained in her at an early age. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Urban Planning and Development through Arizona State University, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Legal Studies at the James E. Rogers College of Law through the University of Arizona.

She is a major supporter in strengthening and enriching, not only just the relationship between Arizona and Sonora, but between both United States and Mexico. Her primary focus is serving the commercial users of the San Luis Commercial Port of entry to ensure their commercial routes remain uninterrupted and efficient, encourage effective inspection procedures and promote Yuma's logistical benefits and industrial real estate advantages. 

Ms. George can be reached at or directly at 928-315-9070.