About Greater Yuma Port Authority

Mission Statement: 
The Greater Yuma Port Authority will develop a gateway for global trade and facilitate, promote,
and support multi-modal transportation and trade opportunities to enhance economic development in the Greater Yuma area.

The Greater Yuma Port Authority, Inc. (GYPA) was established September 18, 2000. The creation of the GYPA was to provide a two port solution for the Key Port of Entry between San Luis Arizona and San Luis Sonora. Currently, the 4 member entities on the GYPA board are the City of San Luis, Yuma, County, City of Yuma and The Sovereign Nation of the Cocopah's. 

This regional cooperative was brought forth with the efforts of each  governmental entity appointed board members to pose a more efficient flow of cross border traffic and trade that in turn enhances  Yuma Counties economic wellness. GYPA continues its promotion and development of Industrial areas near the San Luis II Port of entry. The Authority remains involved with Port users and other stakeholders both North and Southbound to ensure efficient port procedures and cross border flow of trade and traffic. 

The Greater Yuma Port Authority is a private 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation.